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Goran Ljubuncic

Goran is a photographer, filmmaker and director with more than 15 years of experience. He is the founder and CEO of and

How to use the AI Colour Extract tool AI Colour Extract tool is an excellent and quick way to extract a colour grade from one image and apply it to another. It can be used for shot to shot matching and even camera matching but it is best used to extract a creative colour grade from a reference image.

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Private Beta 6 Released

In-app commenting allows you to have all your colour grading conversation in one organised space offering better communication which results in quicker turnaround. With in-app commenting you can gather feedback quickly, collaborate in real time and eliminate back and forth.

Private Beta 4 Released

Beta 4 introduces Colour Match which allows you to match anything and everything. Shot to shot matching, camera matching, digital to film and vice versa, it’s all possible with Colour Match with a single click.