Colour. Grading. Solved. lets you manipulate colour in ways you’ll find hard to believe. It’s not just a part of your creative process. It’s what you rely on to elevate your story.

Extract. Any. Colour. allows you to extract any colour grade with a single click. Our deep learning neural networks model, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames creates a 3D LUT from any supplied image. AI generated look

Original Image

Original image as loaded in ACES Input Transform is REDWideGamutRGB and ACES Output Transform is sRGB.

Reference image fed to

Reference image fed to AI model from which the colour grade was extracted. Supplied image is sRGB. AI generated look AI generated 3D LUT. Model correctly matches the overall mood, skin tone and print film-like gamut.

Match. Anything.

Make camera or shot to shot matching a thing of past. Let easily and quickly match different cameras and shots so that you can focus on creative. Superb starting point in just one click.

BMCC matched to Sony F65 using Colour Match

Match digital to film

Arri Alexa file matched to Kodak 5207 using Colour Match. Default settings used.

Match shots Colour Match transferred look to the reference image. Overall mood and colour are matched.

Create a LUT from Before and After

Original image graded with a LUT created by Colour Match created from a difference between the two images.

Magic. Mode.

The most intuitive way to colour grade. Yes. It’s Magical.

Original Footage

Look 1 – Magic Mode

Look 2 – Magic mode

Look 3 – Magic mode

Look 4 – Magic mode

Look 5 – Magic mode

All looks created by non-professional users using Magic Mode in under one minute.

Democratising colour grading

Create stunning looks, based on proven colour science, just by clicking the best looking option.

Proven Colour Science colour manages your pipeline using ACES for accurate and proven professional workflow used by top studios.

Quick and Easy

Magic Mode couldn’t be easier if we wanted. Simply click the best looking option in each step. Skip steps if you’re happy with the look. You will end up with an amazing colour grade. We guarantee it.

18 Seconds. Two clicks.

See just how easy it is to create a brilliant colour grade using the Magic mode.

ACES Print Film Emulations. offers 16 ready-made ACEScct Print Film Emulations to give your colour grades that true celluloid look. Combine them with 15 ready-made ACEScct Cine Looks, a high-end, carefully crafted cinematic colour grades, to create absolutely amazing grades.


Original .r3d file debayered from Raw to Rec709 using DaVinci Resolve. Colour science is ACEScct.

Print Film Emulation 1 Print film Emulation 1 applied to .r3d file in DaVinci Resolve. Colour science is ACEScct.

Print film Emulation 9 Print film Emulation 9 applied to .r3d file in DaVinci Resolve. Colour science is ACEScct.


Adjust colour and luminance precisely on tonal ranges you define. 

4096 point editing curves use 4096 points to calculate the smoothest gradient possible.

32-bit image processing uses 32-bit image processing for high quality, professional-grade results.

Smart Algorithm

Algorithm behind our smart curves is working hard to hold on to highlights and shadows for as long as possible.

Log Primaries.

Make primary colour corrections with familiar Primary controls. With GPU acceleration, changes are instant. All controls are just as responsive as a native desktop app.

Primary Wheels

Primary Wheels offer a quick and easy way to make global colour grading adjustments intuitively.

Primary Bars

Primary Bars are an alternative to Primary Wheels that allow finer precision and more subtle changes.

Log Primaries

Use Log Primaries grading wheels or bars for a more tightly defined tonal ranges for shadows, midtones and highlights, finely tuned for filmic colour grading and HDR.

Scopes. has all of the controls you’ve come to expect from a professional-grade tool. Eliminate guesswork. Check your grades precisely and confidently with RGB Parades, Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram.

RGB Parade



Recreate the beauty of film stock with deeper, richer colours. Unlike traditional RGB colour mode controls where colour gets brighter as saturation increases, allows you to make darker colours more saturated emulating the look and feel of film stock. We call this colour density.


Easily balance the image for any colour inconsistencies uniformly across the entire range. Save precious time and get your colour correction just right in seconds.

Original Image

Original image is very hot and unbalanced. Red channel is almost completely saturated.

White Balance

Traditional white balance tool lacks granular RGB controls to correct heavily tinted image.

Printer Lights

Printer Lights offers a quick and easy way to balance even the most colour tinted images.


Choose from 10 pre-made filmic curve responses and achieve that cinematic highlight roll-off easily and quickly.

Low Contrast Filmic Response

High Contrast Filmic Response


Subtractive CMY colour model emulates the colour processing of a real film emulsion. Unlike additive RGB colour model where saturation increases as the colour becomes brighter, in subtractive mode saturation increases as the colour becomes darker. Emulate the feel and density of real film emulsion easily using the CMY colour model.

Original Image

Original image as loaded in ACES Input and Output Transforms are sRGB.

Increased Saturation and Contrast

Colour density remains similar to the original image even though saturation and contrast are higher.

Subtractive Colour

Colour density is increased, especially in darker areas and vivid colours. Density can be confirmed with Vectorscope.


Use the power of blending modes to fine tune your colour grade or to achieve looks otherwise impossible. Hover over the blending mode to see a real-time preview. Bleach bypass look? Easy. With blending modes.

Bleach Bypass Look

Use Saturation control to desaturate the image and then change blending mode to Overlay to achieve bleach bypass look.

Density and Contrast

Change the blending mode to Soft Light to quickly increase density and contrast in an image.

Darken Mode

Use Darken Mode to apply a pre-made look to the shadows and midtones in the image only.

Average Mode

Use Average blending mode for a more granular control of tools like contrast, exposure, white balance, etc.

And so much more…

Corrections. opens up the world of secondary corrections for you with brilliant and precise controls, highly sophisticated algorithms and interface that works for you. You get complete Hue, Saturation and Luminance control across different colour ranges as well as Luminance Vs Saturation and Saturation Vs Saturation controls.

Original Grade

Original grade created in using Cine Look 1 and Print Film Emulation 1 for the base grade.

Option 1

Blue hue from the original grade is tinted toward green using Hue, Saturation and Luminance controls.

Option 2

Blue hue from the original grade is tinted toward olive using Hue, Saturation and Luminance controls.

Match your shots.

Use the Matches option to easily match your shots, save the best grades for each shot and then export all of your LUTs at once.

Shot to shot matching

Matches allows you to easily compare your shots and match the grades for consistent colour grade.

Batch export LUTs

Easily batch export LUTs from all your Matches. In a matter of seconds, all of your LUTs will be ready.

Overview of your entire grade

Matches allows you to quickly get a glance at your entire colour grade.

Creation. allows you to save and compare an unlimited number of looks for each shot. We call it Candidates and it’s the next best thing after sliced bread.

Transfer. Grades. Easily. allows you to transfer your grades easily and quickly.
Work smarter not harder. Multiple images or just one. It’s your choice.

Colour managed by ACES. uses ACEScct internally to colour mange your workflow. Using ACES simplifies the camera matching process, improves colour consistency, eliminates guesswork from your workflow and enhances communication by adding reliability to your workflow. Don’t know ACES? Don’t worry, we’ve made it as simple as a pie. Simply select your camera and let do all the rest. You can use with non-ACES workflows as well.

Scene referred workflow. was built from the ground up to embrace the power of scene-referred workflow allowing you to repurpose your grade easily and effortlessly. SDR or HDR. It just works. Spend less time dealing with technical issues and more time being creative.

Production Value. Increased.

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to increase production value is with colour grading. And the best way to do it, is to use With, look creation is so quick and easy you will not believe how effortless your turnaround is. For lower-budget projects will save you tremendous amounts of time, effort and money by allowing anyone to establish the show look. Your editorial department has just become a one-stop-shop.