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Truly Smart
AI Colour Match.

Finally a truly smart automatic colour matching that understands the context of your image. Say good bye to tedious shot-to-shot matching and focus on creativity.

Match. Shots. Easily.

Shot-to-shot matching is an arduous task but it doesn’t have to be. With fylm.ai AI Colour Match, matching shots is easy, intuitive and dare we say even fun.

Shot 1

BMPCC4K image automatically corrected using AI Auto Correct

Shot 2

BMPCC4K image matched to shot 1 using AI Colour Match

Two options to choose from

Select in-context colour extraction or favor absoluteness to favor the appearance of the Match. The choice is yours.

Reference image used as a match

AI Colour Match using “Favor Context” option

AI Colour Match using “Favor Absoluteness” option

Pre-calculated white balance points to save you time

fylm.ai AI Colour Match offers you 12 pre-calculated white balance points to save you even more time

Create a LUT from Before and After.

Have before and after images but not the LUT or Powergrade? Use fylm.ai AI Colour Match to generate a LUT from difference between two images. Work done. Time freed.

fylm.ai AI Colour Match generated look

“Before” image

Ungraded image as loaded in fylm.ai. ACES Input and Output transform is sRGB.

“After” image

Reference image fed to fylm.ai AI Colour Match from which the colour grade was extracted and transferred.

fylm.ai AI Colour Match generated look

A colour grade created by the AI Colour Match feature using the “Favor Absoluteness” option.

Up to x10 times faster look creation

fylm.ai makes look creation effortless by democratising the colour grading process. With fylm.ai, anyone can create stunning looks and harness the power of deep learning neural networks to create epic looks in a matter of seconds.

Establishing show look
fylm.ai (up to x10 times faster)
Traditional on-set look creation
fylm.ai (up to x3 times faster)
Digital intermediate
fylm.ai (up to x2 times faster)