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ACES Print Film Emulation offers absolutely the best ACEScct print film emulations you can find. Created from real print film scans and meticulously adapted for ACEScct colour science. Finally achieve that celluloid look easily and quickly.

Look. ACEScct print film emulations, made from real-life film scans, have been created from the ground up for ACEScct for seamless integration in an ACES workflow. But that’s not all. Even if you are not using ACES you can use our print film emulations as will adapt the colour science for your workflow. In-post or in-camera. You decide. Leave technicalities to us. Stay creative. 

Print Film Emulation 1

Print Film Emulation 2

Print Film Emulation 5

Print Film Emulation 8

Print Film Emulation 11

Print Film Emulation 14

Print Film Emulation 3

Print Film Emulation 6

Print Film Emulation 9

Print Film Emulation 12

Print Film Emulation 15

Print Film Emulation 4

Print Film Emulation 7

Print Film Emulation 10

Print Film Emulation 13

Print Film Emulation 16

Subtractive. Colour.

Subtractive CMY colour model emulates the colour processing of a real film emulsion. Unlike additive RGB colour model where saturation increases as the colour becomes brighter, in subtractive mode saturation increases as the colour becomes darker. Emulate the feel and density of real film emulsion easily using the CMY colour model.

Original Image

Original image as loaded in ACES Input and Output Transforms are sRGB.

Increased Saturation and Contrast

Colour density remains similar to the original image even though saturation and contrast are higher.

Subtractive Colour

Colour density is increased, especially in darker areas and vivid colours. Density can be confirmed with Vectorscope.


Recreate the beauty of film stock with deeper, richer colours. Unlike traditional RGB colour mode controls where colour gets brighter as saturation increases, allows you to make darker colours more saturated emulating the look and feel of film stock. We call this colour density.

Extract any colour with AI allows you to extract any colour grade with a single click. Our deep learning neural networks model, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames creates a 3D LUT from any supplied image. AI generated look