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Easily convert LUTs into ICC profiles for Capture One

Convert any .cube LUT with a click of a button into a Capture One ICC profile and Style. Use them on Raw and non-Raw images. Tethered or not. The choice is yours. Unleash the true potential of your photography.

One click export to .costyle

Seamlessly integrate with Capture One. One-click export of any grade or LUT.

Unlimited possibilities for your Capture One grades. Elevate your work instantly.

Save hundreds of hours of editing by turning your favorite grades into Capture One styles

All your colour grading decisions from fylm.ai can be exported as a Capture One Style for seamless integration with Capture One software.

The power of AI, now available to Capture One

Use fylm.ai AI colour grading tools to simplify your grading process and export your favorite grades as Capture One styles. Creativity unleashed.

True to life.
Filmic grades.

fylm.ai is absolutely the easiest way to establish true-to-life, film-like colour grades and now you can easily port this power over to Capture One. It feels like magic.

Using Lightroom?
We've got you covered.

All your colour grading decisions from fylm.ai can be exported as an XMP profile for seamless integration with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.