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How to match digital to film

Using the Colour Match tool it is very easy to match between different types of shots. In this tutorial we will cover how to match digital to a film scan.


How to use the Magic Mode Magic Mode offers a structured and simplified way to colour grade your image from scratch with minimal effort, bridging the gap between technical and creative aspects of colour grading.

Announcement 1.1.2 Update 1.1.2 is an enhancement release which brings vast speed improvements to the app and projects loading. You should now see speed gains anywhere between 100-500% and even more in some cases.

Announcement 1.1.1 Update 1.1.1 is an enhancement release which brings a vast speed improvements to the AI Colour Extract and Colour Match tools. They are now faster by anywhere between x5-x10 times.

Announcement 1.1 Update – “Photographers Release”

Today we are launching a brand new experience in – Raw files development and debayering. This exciting new change will allow still photographers to start and complete their journey in and it opens up a whole new world of opportunities in the future to come.

Announcement 1.0.5 Update 1.0.5 is an enhancement release which brings an important improvement to the AI Colour Extract tool. It is now more accurate and will produce better results under extreme conditions.


How to use the AI Colour Extract tool AI Colour Extract tool is an excellent and quick way to extract a colour grade from one image and apply it to another. It can be used for shot to shot matching and even camera matching but it is best used to extract a creative colour grade from a reference image.


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