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fylm.ai 1.5 Update – setting the foundations for exciting updates to come

fylm.ai 1.5 update introduces several new features and bug fixes, but above all, it sets the foundations to allow us to introduce better, faster and smarter colour grading solutions in the next updates.

We are happy to announce the release of update 1.5 which introduces several new features and bug fixes, but above all, it sets the foundations to allow us to introduce better, faster and smarter colour grading solutions in the next updates coming soon.

So what’s new in fylm.ai 1.5?

fylm.ai has a slightly updated new look

We updated the interface so that the most used tools are now closer and more accessible. Most notable changes are:

  • Add as a Candidate and Add as a Match buttons have moved to the top bar
  • Magic Mode button has moved to the top bar
  • Save image option is now also available from the top bar
  • Full screen view and Full browser view buttons have moved to the bottom of the main image
  • User can now change the color of the background in the main viewer area
  • There is now an option to search for Candidates and Matches from the Candidates and Matches columns which is extremely useful when one particular image has a large number of Candidates or when a project has numerous Matches
  • Scopes and ACES Reference Gamut compression buttons are now in the lower left portion of the main viewer area

Improved handling for very large Raw still files

Update 1.5 improves the handling and saving of very large still Raw files (above 7000px on the long edge) and also fixes some bugs related to display of very large Raw files.

New Tiff loader

Update 1.5 introduces a faster and better Tiff loader. That’s all there is to it.

New ACES Input Transform for Leica L-Log

We have added a new ACES Input Transform for the range of Leica cameras using the Lecia’s L-Log with BT2020 colour primaries.

Improved Smart Curves tool

Smart Curves now displays a grid which helps make more accurate changes. Also, the Smart Curves have slightly been redesigned.

Future compatibility for mobile and iPad

Above all, fylm.ai 1.5 update sets the necessary foundations for future compatibility with mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone or other compatible smart phones. Yes, fylm.ai is coming to iPad and pretty soon you will be able to combine all of the power of fylm.ai with the flexibility of a mobile platform. Ideating, commenting and look creation on the go are going to become integral part of fylm.ai.

fylm.ai now requires WebGL2

As part of the changes for future updates, we updated some code components so now fylm.ai requires WebGL2. For most users this is completely transparent, but it does mean that some older browsers will no longer work with fylm.ai and may require to be updated to a recent version of the browser. Specifically the minimum browser requirements for fylm.ai are as following:

  • Safari 15 and later (available on MacOS Catalina and later)
  • Chrome 56 and later
  • Firefox 51 and later
  • Microsoft Edge 79 and later

To get the new update, no other action from user is required and you will be on the latest version as soon as you reload the app.

If you encounter any unexpected behavior in the app we suggest clearing the cache and reloading the app. As always, should you have any questions please contact our support.

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