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Colour Grading.
Meet AI.

Harness the power of AI deep learning and neural networks to effortlessly colour grade your image.

AI Colour Extract

fylm.ai allows you to extract any colour grade with a single click. Our deep learning neural networks model, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames creates a 3D LUT from any supplied image.

fylm.ai AI Colour Extract generated look

Original Image

Original image as loaded in fylm.ai. ACES Input Transform is REDWideGamutRGB and ACES Output Transform is sRGB.

Reference image fed to fylm.ai

Reference image fed to fylm.ai AI model from which the colour grade was extracted. Supplied image is sRGB.

fylm.ai AI Colour Extract generated look

fylm.ai AI generated 3D LUT. Model correctly matches the overall mood, skin tone and print film-like gamut.

AI Auto Correct

Correcting within context is not an easy task. Is that blue tint a part of the creative look or is it just an incorrect white balance setting? fylm.ai Auto Correct understands the context behind your image and helps you retain your creative look while correcting the imperfections.

Automatically corrected image in context

Original Image

RED .r3d raw file debayered into ACEScct. Output device transform is sRGB.

Automatically corrected image in context

Corrected image with fylm.ai AI Auto Correct using “Favor Context” option.

AI Colour Match

Shot-to-shot matching is an arduous task but it doesn’t have to be. With fylm.ai AI Colour Match, matching shots is easy, intuitive and dare we say even fun.

Shot 1

BMPCC4K image automatically corrected using AI Auto Correct

Shot 2

BMPCC4K image matched to shot 1 using AI Colour Match