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Web's most advanced LMT generator

fylm.ai effectively serves as ACEScct LMT generator. Look creation is ACEScct colour managed from ground up and all looks are independent of ACES Input and Output Transforms.

Brilliant LMTs for ACES colour managed productions.

ACEScct print film emulations, made from real-life film scans, have been created from the ground up for ACEScct colour managed workflow.

Easily adapt the colour science of any LUT for ACEScct with fylm.ai and enjoy complete LMT creation. fylm.ai seamlessly integrates with your workflow.

Celluloid. Look.

With multiple tools based on real film colour science and response, fylm.ai makes it easier than ever to bring true Hollywood colour grading to your images while maintaining seamless compatibility with any ACES production. No other tool will make you look as good as fylm.ai.

fylm.ai ACEScct Print Film Emulations and tools are designed to give your images a filmic and cinematic characteristics. The colour gamut of the LUTs is based on precise measurements of real film stock scans and takes into account the highly non-linear characteristics of real film stock. While all of the LUTs are based on precise real-world film scans, some artistic freedom has been exercised in the creation of the LUTs to make the overall appearance more pleasing for as wide a range of images as possible, and inline with modern wide colour gamuts such as DaVinci Wide Gamut and ACEScct AP1.

Colour measurements are based on real film scans performed natively in the wide ACES AP1 colour space and are not an adaptation of more limited measurements made in Rec709 or P3 which may limit the dynamic range of the LUT when used in HDR workflows.

During the creation of all LUTs, a special attention has been given to three main filmic characteristics:

  • Subtractive colour model behavior
  • Non-linear gamut and curves response
  • Pleasing shadow and highlight rolloff

In addition, all LUTs have gone through multiple stress tests so that optimum image quality is achieved. Out-of-gamut colours are gracefully mapped into the outer 15% percent of the gamut’s colour volume.

Granger Rainbow stress test showing the effect of a Print Film Pro 1 LUT with out-of-gamut colour mapping applied. JPG compression is applied on the saved image which might affect the quality.

TrueColor LUT stress test image showing the effect of a Print Film Pro 1 LUT with out-of-gamut colour mapping applied. JPG compression is applied on the saved image which might affect the quality.


Colour grade created using Seraphine NeuralToneAI model only without adjustments at default settings.

Meet your AI colourist

fylm.ai NeuralToneAI offers you AI colourist models for those moments when you need a bit of help or inspiration. Let NeuralToneAI do the heavy lifting for you while you concentrate on final touches. NeuralToneAI will even match shots for you. Save up to 90% of time on establishing the show LUT.

AI Powered at the core

fylm.ai offers an array of AI powered tools. Our deep learning neural networks models, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames allow you to grade effortlessly. Experience LUT creation the way it should be.

30-story office tower (2018-2019)

Brilliant colour
grading tools

Subtractive Colour

Subtractive CMY colour model emulates the colour processing of a real film emulsion.

Primaries, Log Primaries

Make primary colour corrections with familiar Primary controls. With GPU acceleration, changes are instant. All controls are just as responsive as a native desktop app.


Adjust colour and luminance precisely on tonal ranges you define. 


Complete Hue, Saturation and Luminance control across different colour ranges as well as Luminance Vs Saturation and Saturation Vs Saturation controls.