For anyone evaluating our advanced colour grading platform.

Single user


$16 /month billed annually

$19 month-to-month

For professionals working solo or in very small teams.

Starts at 1 user


$41 /month billed annually

$49 month-to-month

For teams that want to have absolute control and collaboration.

Starts at 3 users



Custom pricing tailored to your needs

For organisations with 11+ users that need additional control and support.

Customised user quota






Cloud storage
Cloud storage allowed in a plan.

1 GB

50 GB

100 GB

Custom quota

Number of allowed projects in a plan.





Number of allowed collaborators in a plan.


Up to 5

Up to 10

Custom quota

Additional users cost
Cost for additional user per month.



Custom pricing

Number of allowed guests in a plan.





Work with video files
Play a video file and use it to create the colour grade.

Save graded image
Save a full-res graded version of the original image.

2048 px max

Community, support specialists and dedicated customer success managers.





LUT creation
Create and download LUTs for use in-camera and in post-production.

Presets management
Save, load, export and import presets.

Share work with clients and gather their feedback.

Insert comments and gather feedback from clients or team members.

API access
Integrate into from your app or service with API access (coming soon).

Partial availability

Team only comments
Keep team members comments private from clients when you share a link.

Additional user roles
Assign roles of Admin and Editor to team members for better and more granular control.

Client-assignable statuses
Allow clients to assign a status to a particular asset, for example – Approved.

Manage multiple organisations
Manage multiple organisations under one billing account.

Organise team members in groups
Assign different groups to different team members for better and easier control. Assign entire group to a project with one click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free plan includes one user.

Pro plan starts at one user. Additional users can be added for additional cost up to a maximum of 5 users.

Team plan includes 3 users in the plan price. Additional users can be added for additional cost up to a maximum of 10 users.

Yes. Additional users are available for additional cost. You will be charged for additional users once they accept your invitation. If you add users mid-billing period, you’ll pay the prorated amount today and pay the new subscription amount on your next billing date. Please consult your account settings in your dashboard. Please note that each plan has its respective users limit.

On Pro plan you may add up to 4 additional users for a total of 5 users.

On Team plan you may add up to 7 additional users for a total of 10 users.

Users on the free plan cannot add additional users to their plan.

If you need more users than your plan allows, please upgrade your plan.

User is a member of your organisation. They are a part of your team. Users have editing and commenting permissions depending on their role. You are billed for each user in your organisation. Guests are not members of your team. They are external to your organisation and do not have editing capabilities. You may share your work with unlimited number of guests. You are not billed for sharing your work with guests.

Please consult your account billing page in dashboard for a breakdown of your users and associated costs.

You will receive a partial refund for any unused days in the billing period.

When signing up you can decide between a monthly and annual billing cycles. Annual cycles are discounted by 15%. Please note, the price for additional users is not discounted, regardless if you choose a monthly or annual billing cycles.

Please consult your account settings in dashboard to make any changes to your existing subscription.

If you are on a monthly plan, there is no refund for subscription renewals and your access will stop at the end of your current billing cycle after cancellation.

If you are on annual plan, there is a 7 day grace period after subscription renewal to request a refund. If you are beyond grace period, you can still cancel your subscription and retain access to until the end of your billing cycle.

We support payment through credit card and PayPal. Other payment methods may be available depending on your region. Invoicing and purchase orders are only available with our Enterprise plan.

At this stage we do not offer educational or non-profit discounts. We introduced a free plan so everyone can use