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Version 1.2.0

What’s New?

1.2 update brings a whole new collaboration and commenting experience for better, faster and easier communication. Most notable changes are:

  • Every asset in fylm.ai serves now as a separate communication channel. When you open an asset in fylm.ai you will only see the relevant conversation for that specific asset.
  • Added a one-click “Send Look to Chat” button which automatically saves your current look as a Candidate and adds it to the conversation.
  • Added a one-click “Share” button which automatically saves your current look as a Candidate and shares it with the Guests in your organisation.
  • When using the “Send Look to chat” and “Share” buttons, fylm.ai will auto-version your Candidates
  • Candidates are now always listed by the time of their creation so that you always know what’s latest and greatest.
  • You can now upload images directly into comments without having to upload them to your project.
  • You can now copy & paste any image from clipboard directly into a comment.
  • Improved the in-app notifications so that you get an immediate overview of the items that require your attention.
  • fylm.ai will now offer visual clues when you are commenting in the Shared channel (with Guests) so that you know your conversation is visible to the Guests
  • Mentioning assets from project in a comment is now more streamlined and easier
  • fylm.ai will now track which messages you’ve seen and which ones you haven’t so that in-app notifications are always accurate
  • Overall improvements to the way comments work