Version 1.7.0

What’s new? 1.7 update introduces NeuralToneAI, a virtual colourist assistant. NeuralToneAI will automatically generate a colour grade based on the context of your image. In addition, update 1.7 introduces Compare View which allows you to examine and compare all your shots easily and also the ability to batch save multiple grades as Candidates.

Most notable changes are:

  • Introducing NeuralToneAI
  • Introducing Compare View
  • Batch save grades as Candidates
  • AI Colour Extract and AI Colour Match are now available in Lite
  • Pivot control in the Contrast tool
  • Various shader improvements
  • Introduced ACEScg and ACEScc Input Transforms
  • Introduced a visual indication for actions that affect multiple items in the Contextual menu
  • Slightly redesigned Add Tool and Contextual menus