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Web's most advanced
LUT creator and editor

AI-powered colour editor and LUT creator in the cloud offering the absolutely easiest way to establish a show LUT while collaborating privately with your team anywhere on the planet.

Welcome to the future of look creation in your browser


Colour grade created using Seraphine NeuralToneAI model only without adjustments at default settings.

Meet your AI colourist

fylm.ai NeuralToneAI offers you AI colourist models for those moments when you need a bit of help or inspiration. Let NeuralToneAI do the heavy lifting for you while you concentrate on final touches. NeuralToneAI will even match shots for you. Save up to 90% of time on establishing the show LUT.

AI Powered at the core

fylm.ai offers an array of AI powered tools. Our deep learning neural networks models, trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames allow you to grade effortlessly. Experience LUT creation the way it should be.

30-story office tower (2018-2019)

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Privately collaborate with your team or clients

fylm.ai allows you to collaborate privately with your team or clients for blazingly quick turnarounds.

All your assets.
In one place.

Seamlessly manage all of your assets in one place. Everything is always accessible and available. For everyone on your team. Easily filter your project assets. Cut to the chase in seconds. Search is instant and so is filtering. This is project management on steroids.

Accessible from anywhere in the world

fylm.ai lives in the browser making it easier to share, collaborate and present, wherever you are.

Brilliant colour
grading tools

Subtractive Colour

Subtractive CMY colour model emulates the colour processing of a real film emulsion.

Primaries, Log Primaries

Make primary colour corrections with familiar Primary controls. With GPU acceleration, changes are instant. All controls are just as responsive as a native desktop app.


Adjust colour and luminance precisely on tonal ranges you define. 


Complete Hue, Saturation and Luminance control across different colour ranges as well as Luminance Vs Saturation and Saturation Vs Saturation controls.

Up to x10 times faster look creation

fylm.ai makes look creation effortless by democratising the colour grading process. With fylm.ai, anyone can create stunning looks and harness the power of deep learning neural networks to create epic looks in a matter of seconds.

Establishing show look
fylm.ai (up to x10 times faster)
Traditional on-set look creation
fylm.ai (up to x3 times faster)
Digital intermediate
fylm.ai (up to x2 times faster)

Create a colour grade
for any workflow

fylm.ai creates colour managed, scene referred LUTs which can be used in any workflow.

Digital intermediate workflow


Lock your edit in place. You are now ready to export assets into fylm.ai.


Import stills or videos into fylm.ai and establish an amazing grade easily.


Export a color managed, scene-referred LUT and finish in any software.

On-set show look creation


Create test material that faithfully represents your principal art direction.


Import stills or videos into fylm.ai and establish an amazing grade easily.


Export a camera tailored LUT and load it to your camera or monitor.

Start with absolutely the best colour-managed LUTs and adapt them to your needs.

fylm.ai LUT packs are your go-to all-in-one solution for LUT creation and colour grading. Built from the ground up for colour managed workflows, these are the only LUTs you will ever need.