What to do if some buttons temporarily appear disabled?

Under certain circumstances it’s possible for some buttons or actions to appear as disabled. This happens when a certain action hasn’t completed and is required to complete before some other action can take place. For example, you cannot copy an image to a different bin before that image has finished uploading.

Also, some actions cannot be performed before another action has taken place. For example, you cannot export a LUT if you have not selected an ACES Input and Output Transforms for your image. In such cases, fylm.ai will show you a notification why the feature you are using is currently unavailable.

If some actions appear as disabled, simply wait for the current action to complete before attempting to use the action which appears as disabled. Most actions in fylm.ai complete within a second or two at most. Please note however, that media upload depends on your current internet speed and may take longer, depending on your connection bandwidth.