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What is fylm.ai?

fylm.ai is a revolutionary AI powered cloud-based colour grading platform allowing you to privately collaborate with your team anywhere on the planet.

Colour grading is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking and photography. It is often the best and easiest way to enhance production value and very often it dictates the visual language of a film, show or an image.

Due to its importance, it’s often a laborious process. It requires input from multiple roles such as director, DP, show runner, client, advertising agency and more. fylm.ai seeks to simplify the process by offering a world class colour, AI powered grading tools in a powerful yet very easy to use package which democratises colour grading as it allows almost anyone to create brilliant colour grades with minimal effort.

In addition, fylm.ai allows you comment, review, upload and share colour grades and related assets privately. Depending on your workflow fylm.ai can speed up your colour grading process by up to ten times.

At the heart of fylm.ai are 3 main features:

  • File and project management – fylm.ai manages all your colour grading projects and assets in one place for convenient and quick access from anywhere
  • Collaboration – fylm.ai allows you to collaborate with your team or your clients on the colour grade for your project. You can use fylm.ai in pre-production stages to establish a show look or you can use it in post-production to create the final grade for your show or DI. In fylm.ai, you can gather feedback, have multiple collaborators contribute to the grade non-destructively and use advanced filtering and rating system for quick and easy approval. All your comments are kept in one place for easy access and referencing.
  • Colour grading tools – fylm.ai offers world class, AI powered colour grading tools in an easy and almost too fun to use package. fylm.ai caters to both professional colourists as well as independent filmmakers or still photographers as it allows you to tailor the interface and tools to your knowledge level.

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