It’s now easier to collaborate. Update 1.2 improves and simplifies collaboration and commenting. Learn more. 1.1.2 Update 1.1.2 is an enhancement release which brings vast speed improvements to the app and projects loading. You should now see speed gains anywhere between 100-500% and even more in some cases.

Today we are releasing a minor update, version 1.1.2. Version 1.1.2 is an enhancement and bug fix release and it includes the following changes:

  • Optimised usage of IndexedDB for better performance and scalability
  • Optimised the way data is fetched so now you should see a speed improvement in the app between 100-500% depending on the size of the project
  • Optimised the saving of Last State (auto-save for your grades) so it’s more efficient and quicker
  • Refactored app structure so that app loads much faster, even on slower connections
  • Fixed a bug where XMP profiles exported from a Raw file would have incorrectly set ACES Input Transform

For most parts, 1.1.2 update is not front-facing, however the app and projects should now load significantly faster.

No other action from user is required and you will be on the latest version as soon as you reload the app.

If you encounter any unexpected behavior in the app we suggest clearing the cache and reloading the app. As always, should you have any questions pleaseĀ contact our support.

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