Private Beta 3 Released

Beta 3 focuses on integrating with 3rd party services with the introduction of external API and two factor authentication. It also introduces flexible layouts and sharing with Guests.

We are proud to announce the release of beta 3. Beta 3 is a feature enhancement release and it focuses on establishing the foundations for integrating with 3rd party services with introduction of external API and 2 factor authentication. Beta 3 also introduces a flexible layout for app’s interface and more importantly it introduces sharing with Guests (users external to your organisation, such as clients) which is now available for testing.

External API

With the introduction of Beta 3 you can now create an API key so that an external application can interact with To create a new API key please refer to the Account Security section of your account settings.

Please note, any user in your organisation can create an API key, however, that key will be limited to their respective permissions.

At this stage, our external API service is limited and supports the following functions:

  • List projects
  • Create projects
  • List Bins in a project
  • List LUTs in a project
  • Download LUTs
  • Upload assets

Please contact [email protected] if you need any help getting started using our API service.

2 Factor Authentication

We place a great importance on the security of your data and introduction of 2 factor authentication is another step to improve the security of your assets. To enable 2 factor authentication for your account please refer to the Account Security section of your account settings.

Flexible Layout

One of the most requested features from our beta testers was flexible layout for the app’s columns so that Candidates, Matches and Previews can be resized. With the introduction of Beta 3 you can now resize the left and right columns any way you want so your Candidates, Matches and look Previews can be as big as you want them to be.

Default Previews column width
Adjusted Previews column width so that look previews are significantly larger

Sharing work with Guests

Sharing with Guests is now available for testing with the release of Beta 3. While members of your organisation can always see the assets in a project (if they have been added to the project), sharing the work with Guests work a bit differently as Guests are external to your organisation.

To share a look with Guests, first save the look as a Candidate. Then click on the Share option form the contextual menu next to the Candidate that you want to share. The Candidate is added to the shared folder.

Now all that’s left is invite the Guest to view the project. To invite a Guest, click on the Manage Users button in the upper right corner and go to Invite Guests tab. Enter the email of the guest you would like to invite. The Guest will receive an email inviting them to join the project. Once they complete the registration, you will be able to toggle the switch next to their name to add them to the project.

Guests, can only see items that have been added to the Shared folder using the Share option from the contextual menu next to a Candidate.

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